Friday, November 18, 2011

Smiabetic not diabetic

So I met up with the Diabetes doctor yesterday and it turns out I'm not diabetic, yet! The 4 day continuous needle in belly test showed that I largely stay within the 4-7.5 range with only the occasional spike up into the 8.5 (usually after dinner/tea in the evening) but crucially, it doesn't stay there very long. She was even suspicious about whether I'd changed my diet for the test, and I definitely hadn't...she thinks my sugars may go out of control when I have an infection, which strikes me as particularly cruel; just when you need more carbs, your body lets you down by using less of them when it goes diabetic and you lose weight, talk about a viscious circle. Anyway, for the present I am just to keep an eye on things and maybe check when I am losing weight or have an infection.

I saw this RTA on the way in to hospital, (see link below, it was just outside the hospital) I think the lorry driver just didn't see him (has since been arrested on suspicion of driving without due care and attention) and he didn't stand a chance, just horrible. Life is so precious, this is such a waste. This is why I hate riding my bike on the roads, it only takes one person in a car/truck to not see you and you could be in serious trouble.

I'm moving offices today; a bunch of railtrack guys are joining us so I have to move my stuff upstair with the commoners ;-) rather than having an office to myself. I don't mind really, since my workmate left it's been a bit lonely in the office by myself. Particularly with the year I've had being in an office by myself has given me a bit too much time to think, especially with losing my dad this time last year.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Another day, another letter from the Queen ;-)

Abby wrote and sent a postcard (of William and Kate, obviously ;-)) to the queen last week and got a reply from her lady in waiting! She's such a royalist ;-)

Her reading and writing is coming on leaps and bounds this year (Year 2 infants) She struggled last year and we were really worried she was falling behind the others in her class but this summer she's really made a breakthrough.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Diabetic Shmiabetic?

Ok, this blog is getting soooo out of date that I really dont know where to start, so I'll update with some med news (from my annual) apparently my long term blood glucose (BG) levels, otherwise known as HbA1c levels, have been rising steadily since 2006; it has gone from 5.5% back then to 6.3% this year and so I was referred to the diabetic nurse for a four day strap on test. This is where you wear a tiny device strapped to your belly (it doesn't hurt but get's in the way a bit. Sometimes ;-) ) which measures your BG levels continuously to see how the BG peaks and troughs are and how high and low your blood sugars go. You also have to do finger prick test four times a day so they can cross reference the belly device results with the finger prick device results.

I hope I'm not diabetic, it would be a real pain in the bum. So far it looks like my blood sugar is relatively normal apart from a slight peak in the evening after dinner; 2 hours after a roast squash risotto tea I peaked at 8.5, otherwise I seemed to be between 4.5 and 6.5, but we'll see when I meet up with the doctors in a few weeks...