Monday, June 21, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lost: The Bad

OK, We've had the good, now this is the bad (I still liked it though) :

1. Episodes where nothing happens in the plot and you get a boring flash back. The interminable episodes of Hurley's flashbacks (The Dharma VW van episode "Tricia Tanaka Is Dead") and virtually any episode with Charlie's band in the flashback. Fast forward material!

2. Jack's a bit boring. Maybe it's a flaw in the script, but his over-earnest acting started to get annoying by the third season. Particularly when compared to Sawyer; he never really changed throughout the series whereas Sawyer had definite character development.

3. Kate's a bit of a lightweight as well. OK, we get it, it's a love triangle! Just make your choice freckles, and get on with the plot ;-)

4. Locke vs Jack / Fate vs Free will / Man of science vs Man of Faith. Interesting at first, but became a bit tedious towards the end.

5. Llana, the french woman, Alex, Walt and all the other under-developed characters that the writers obviously planned to do something with but ran out of episodes to do it in so wrote them off! Naughty, lazy writing boys! ;-)

6. * New! Claire abandoning Aaron then disappearing and then reappearing as a mad women. I just never bought it. Also, Kate deciding to adopt Aaron for 3 years forming an emotional attachment and then abandoning him to go back to the island. Also, what happened to the two kids in the tail section? Kids in general were given a raw deal by the script writers

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lost: The Good

So LOST is over, what do I watch now? Well before I watch anything else I need to find some closure, before I can properly move on ;-). I have decided that Lost is, was, and always will be 50% Brilliant and 50% Bollox. So with that I'm going to list the things I liked and disliked about the series.

The Good

1. Episodes like "The Constant". Desmond flips through time desperately searching for his Lost love Penny like "The Time Travellors Wife" and finally contacts her. One of the best episodes IMHO.

2. "The Looking Glass." All the season finale's were exciting, but this closer for Season Three was so good it actually gave me heart palpitations for a few hours after I saw it. Poor Charlie; I'd spent most of the time being annoyed by his Mancunian-druggy-rocker character, so it was a total surprise how gutted I was when he sacrificed himself for Desmond.

3. Sawyers nicknames/one liners. Son of a bitch ;-)

4. Hurley. Dude ;-)

5. Sawyer grows up, becomes a leader after Jack and Locke disappear, and settles down with Juliet in the 70s. And why not? ;-)

6. They killed Juliet. You bastards!

7. The ambiguous mysteries of the island. The thing about mysteries is that not knowing what they are is always better than the explanation. Explanations are always a bit of a let-down.