Monday, December 5, 2011

Abby's Christmas Photostory

Abby put this together (with a little help from me) for her VLE school forum as part of her homework. Turns out she's better than me at video editing...!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The big 4-0

It was my birthday last week. I am now officially very old ;-). It's slowly sinking in that to my kids I must seem really old - I can remember my mum and dad's 40th birthdays really clearly; I must have been about 8-9, I can remember at the time getting older seemed an almost infinite way off. It's now here :-/.

The weird thing is in many ways I feel healthier than I did in my twenties - I do more regular exercise, I drink much less and I get more sleep (when the kids allow ;-)) I've not been an inpatient at the CF Ward since I was 26. And for that I've got to thank my brilliant wife for getting me away from drink and excess and into fell walking and fitness when I met her in my twenties. God knows where I'd be if I was single and still trying to follow the Jim Morrison rock star model of excess; I'd probably weight about 8 stone and be falling asleep in my own urine in a pub somewhere. As it is that's at least another year off...;-)

Anyhow, I can't get too complacent because although my CF at the moment seems under control (touch wood about 10 times) I know myotonic (muscular) distrophy may raise it's ugly head at some point. I have two genetic diseases for the price of one ;-) Mytonic Dystrophy is a late onset disease but it varies considerably so there is no way of knowing just when and to what degree it will effect me, so far so good but I've recently noticed my neck seems to be aching a lot when I wear a bicycle helmet on long bike rides - and I'm also struggling to chew roast lamb and roast beef fast unless it's really tender - maybe I'm losing some muscle tone in my head / neck before anything else? Otherwise I seem to be OK (touches wood another 100 times) although I feel I should probably join a gym to maybe build up my muscles a bit more.