Friday, May 25, 2012

Roger Red Hat: Funny Bugger


Just read this post from Rich's blog (One of the blogs of fellow CF people I follow in the sidebar on the left) and (to put it mildly) it doesn't look good. Rich was one of those "call a spade a spade" people who seemed to have a really ascerbic, black, (and quintessentially British), sense of humour with absolutely no regards to the politically correct. However, he was never rascist and quite often he was really bloody funny. He used to post on the CF Forum as Roger Red Hat.

RIP mate and thanks for the nice post about City.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Run de la Mancunian

Ugh! Not my best ever run. It should have been good; a month ago my training was going well and I was all ready and meaning to step it up to that hard-to-reach next level of training, but then loads of jobs and things seemed to get in the way and before I knew it I was unprepared and actually feeling worse than I ever had in the second half of the race (my left knee - cruciate? In particular was really aching for the final couple of miles and it was only pride that stopped me walking the final km to the finish) Also it was Rachel's mate's 40th birthday on the Friday and although we'd planned not to drink, Rach had had a terrible week at work and before we knew it we were downing sambuca shots at 7PM and staying up till 2, not the best preperation for the race on Sunday...I love the atmosphere of the race though, the crowd are really great and signing up for the race has the effect of forcing me to go out running when I perhaps wouldn't bother if I didn't have anything to aim for. No more fundraising for a while though; I've done it for 4 years and I feel a bit bad that it's always the same people donating. I swear I'm going to carry on proper running after the 10K this year though...;-)

1 Hour 10, loser ;-)
59 minutes, totes jealous ;-)