Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Man City left me totes emosh ;-)

The video below says it all really. I can't really explain the emotions that went through my head, gut and soul watching this game. I wasn't at the match, I was watching it round at my in-laws with the kids getting increaingly bored wanting to go to the park and me and Rach getting increasingly frustated at City blowing their best ever chance to win the league in the last 40 years. Finally I could take no 88 minutes I stormed out of the house with the kids, packed the kids and the bikes in the car only for Rachel to tap on the window. When all seemed lost we'd somehow managed to bang in two goals in extra time to snatch victory from our greatest enemy (Manyoo.) Only City could take us to hell and back quite like that.

After we'd won I took the kids to the park, emotionally exhausted, and phoned some of my mates to share in the victory. Then just had a little cry thinking of my dad and how he would have loved to see City winning the league after all these years.

I haven't often agreed with Sir Alex Ferguson, (spend most of the time hating his dour bullying persona for obvious tribal reasons) but when he was asked "how he felt" that night in Barcelona when Manchester United had just beaten Bayern Munich in the Champions League final with two injury time goals, "Football, bloody hell!" was his response.  What else can you say really at moments like that and now? Bloody hell. Rare moments those. Those are the moments when we justify our love for football, it's quite rare but fantastic when it happens.

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Me said...

Think everyone felt the same, I know there was a lot of swearing in our house!! x