Sunday, March 17, 2013

1 and a half months post K

Quick update; just heard back from the doctor at hotel de la Wythenshawe and my sweat chloride has gone from 120 to 62! Lf is up by 15% as well. More importantly; I feel loads better! I'm running out of superlatives really, my lungs just feel so much better than they ever have, or at least were when I was much younger ;-).

Scores on the doors for my lung Function were 2.775 / 3.8; no significant change on what it was, but I'm fine really, I've gone from choking in mucus first thing in the morning to having hardly anything there first thing in the morning. Oh and I can run for 20 minutes down the gym without bringing *anything* up, craziness! that would never have happened before K, except maybe back when I was 15...