Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Should I stay or should I go?

Seriously thinking of quitting my job and having a month off before looking for something new.

The new line manager has just sent me an Email saying:

"Hello J,
I am very keen for you on a monthly basis to spend time on-site here at Norwich. What I am suggesting that you spend a week a month on-site, does this work for you?"

I was thinking of replying along the lines of

"Dear line manager / corporate goon, I have 2 kids under 7 and my wife works full time as well, what do you think?"

So I am seriously weighing up my options, it's not as if the job pays well enough or is exciting enough / look good on my CV enough for it to be worth me missing out on my family for 1 week in 4. Having typed this I have just realised I am turning down staying at a hotel with a free meal and no kids screaming at me for 1 week every month, am I insane? ;-) 

I have some money saved so I will be able to cope for a few months without pay and I will be able to in inverted quotes "concentrate on my health" (whatever that means, probably sat on my arse watching films I taped from film four, sound good to me ;-)) But seriously, there's all this stuff with Kalydeco kicking off, I have lost 20% of my lung power in the last 4 years, so it may be interesting to see if I can reverse it / get to the bottom of it with my team, who knows? Need to decide by Friday though...

It is Oscars birthday tomorrow, he is 4. He is still obsessed with Pirates, is reception ready for him? And will he learn not to wet his pants on a regular basis before he starts next month?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sods Law and the Roses

Sometimes CF can really kick you up the backside - like when you catch a cold on the last day of your IVs. When I went into the outpatients to do my scores I got no change at FEV1 2.3 /  FVC3.3 so it looks like the IVs were completely negated by the cold, gutted :-( So I'm back on 2 weeks of orals (Cipro and Doxycyline, again) to carry me over this chesty cold, and as much running as I can manage in this shitty weather.

Anyway, I did fit in a trip to see the Roses at Heaton park last week, which was brilliant. The Stone Roses are part of my misspent youth, they first broke through when I was about 16...pop music had become really bland at that point and when they first appeared on Top of The Pops (in the same week as The Happy Mondays) it was a seminal moment: finally here was something real after all that bland rubbish, and they were from Manchester as well, fantastic! We're the band any good? After a couple of glasses of cheap red wine in a comedy packed to the rafters metrolink who can tell? But the music and crowd were so happy and positive it seemed to carry everyone away on a nostalgic bubble of happiness that rarely actually happens at these type of concerts, and personally, I thought it was a amazing. :-)