Friday, May 29, 2009

Outpatients and the moany king of nowhere :)

Clinic on Wednesday. Hum. FEV1 was a disappointing 2.8 and FVC was 3.95. Disappointing in that I was hoping for some reward for all my 10K training, however in mitigation I haven't done anything since the run itself and I had been up taking Kleanprep most of the night before. It's now been a while since I've hit above 3.0 in my FEV1; to his credit Roly noticed this and pointed out that my LF was not so good for me, and so we agreed that if my LF was still down by the next clinic I should have IVs. I've timed the next clinic to come next month so my two weeks of IVs will end just before my holiday to Menorca. I did feel slightly wheezy (have been for a while really) nothing profound like ABPA but I do wonder sometimes whether the Colymycin adds to this; I guess it's a balancing act between killing the bugs and avoiding asthma like symptoms of wheeziness.

Roly also asked me about Oscar and whether I had been keeping up with my meds which slightly annoyed me as I've been pretty good with my compliance generally, but then he went on to say that CF women who get pregnant can have a fine LF during the pregnancy but can then slip after the pregnancy as looking after a baby takes it's toll. I explained that the Ineb was brilliant for this because it meant I could feed Oscar a bottle of milk while also doing my Ineb and put it down while I was doing other stuff like getting Abby's breakfast, etc. I guess he's only looking after my best interests, maybe lack of sleep is a factor. He also questioned my request for a prescription for a four-pack of Kleanprep, I told him it was just in case I got another bowel blockage when I was unable to attend clinic (like at the weekend) as I didn't fancy going into A&E and explaining what CF and DIOS was while my guts were kicking seven bells out of me.

Roly also mentioned that my annual blood results contained a higher than normal level of paraprotein, so they took some more bloods off me. When I asked him what this was associated with he said it's not associated with CF and it's probably nothing. I promised myself I wouldn't google it but then I did. I really hope it's nothing now :-(.

Haven't heard this for a while I've lost the CD. It's a great song and video, inspired by Bagpuss, I think ;-)


Gemma said...

lets hope you don't need silly ivs!!

Katie said...

Never, never, never, never google for answers about test results hun! It never relieves any anxiety and more often than not leaves you feeling worse. (I should practice what I preach mind!)