Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I'm melting!!!

Phew! I can't cope with this humidity, it like living in a rain forest. Well it's 10 PM and I'm sat here with a sweat on, basically praying for some breeze to come along and cool me down so I can sleep tonight. Oscar's in the loft and I really feel sorry for him with it being the hottest room in the house; he's currently sleeping in just his nappy with a fan pointing at his cot. Bless him.

Went to the hossy today for the end of my IV course. remarkably the cannula stayed in despite all my (and Abby and Oscar's) efforts to make it fall out ;-). Blows are slightly less than what I would have hoped :( FEV1 2.9 FVC 3.85. I think I seem to get more out of the first week of IVs, although my chest is definitely clearer now. While the new doc went out to check my blood level results I had a look at my previous blows and apart from a magnificent 3.3/4.3 back in 2006 (post IVs and post 3 days in Wales by the sea), they've stayed pretty steady (from 2.9-3.0) when I'm well, can drop to 2.4 when I have an infection. Maybe it's wrong to obsess too much about FEV numbers, perhaps how we feel is more important ;-) Thank god for Immodium though! IVs always give me the runs these days, but taking two immodium tablets every day gave me surreally normal bowel movements while I was on IVs and even carried me through a mortal weekend on the lash in Blackpool. I'm starting to pay for it now though, now I've gone "cold turkey" on Immodium (this is an accurate analogy, because Loperamide is an opioid-receptor agonist, it basically dopes up the gut -like opium- to slow it down, luckily or unluckily depending on your point of view it doesn't cross the central nervous system like other opiates)...Oh yeah, the high para-protein levels of last month (I Googled it and it suggested scary complications with bone marrow) are probably spurious and nothing to worry about, and that is Proff Webb approved, so good news :-)

Right, it's panic stations because we're off to Menorca for a week of sun, sea and sand this weekend (maybe we should just stay here, it'll probably be colder over there) and I haven't even thought about all the things to get for packing. Some things I've done last week are:
  • Gone clubbing in Blackpool with a cannula in
  • Decided clubbing in Blackpool was pretty grim.
  • Played a golf course with a terrible hang-over and a tubigrip over my cannula
  • Lost over half a stone in sweat on the hottest day of the year on said course
  • Had a really bad round after I pulled a muscle in my arm and decided to never play golf again because it's poo.
  • Decided mountain biking and running are much better things to do than golf.
  • Lost my jacket bought for me by my misses in the hotel in Blackpool, I've phoned them up but they can't find it, waaahhh!
  • Vowed never to drink again because it turns me into a cretin the next day ;-)

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BizzleBee said...

I'm melting too! Today was lovely and i spent most of the afternoon either on a bus or in clinic. Made me most grumpy, but i did get seen by Webby so that made up for it. :-) I obssess over fev numbers too. I got a stonker today though - must be all the swimming yay!
I've been to blackpool during the day, it certainly convinced me never to go at night hehe.
Have a fabby holiday - i can't afford an overseas break this year ... gutted.