Thursday, October 15, 2009

Everyone's poorly except me and my monkey

Everyone's poorly except me :-). Abby's got a stonker of a cold and has forgotten/is refusing to poo, this is giving her really bad stomach ache so we've put her on high fibre and Lactulose. We went to Blackpool to show her the illuminations last weekend but had to drive home early because she was in so much pain from needing to poo but refusing. I think it may be psychological as she's just started school and maybe it's all a bit intense for her; it's not like nursery where if she doesn't feel great/is tired she can take herself off for a snooze/some quiet time on the bean bags. Also, she's gone from being a big fish in a small pond to being a tiddler in a massive shouty lake! Oscar has just vomited the entire contents of his morning bottle of milk all over R, and he's had to take the day off nursery because he's just not himself. R went to the MRI to find out about her protein C deficiancy, they didn't really tell her anything she didn't know, except she should have a dose of heparin as well as wear the surgical stockings before long hall flights (oops! We just got back from Boston the other week!) As for me; well, I've discovered I'm allergic to Septrin (nasty rash on my ankles which seemed to be spreading up my legs, thankfully it stopped when I stopped taking the septrin.)

Anyway, I need to blog more but I'm too busy at work! Here's some 70s psychedelia from the Flaming Lips, haven't got any of their albums but I may buy this new one. I love the bassline!

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