Friday, January 22, 2010

2009: Stop me if you've heard this one before...

Bluffin' with her muffin? You'd have to have been deep in the amazon jungle to have escaped this song, it was everywhere in 2009. The greatest pop song of 2009? Up for debate obviously.

The thing with Lady Gaga now is that it is becoming impossible to talk about her songs without talking about her image in the media, and she undoubtedly makes good copy and sells plenty of papers. She probably can talk art/fashion bollocks, she can talk about Bowie, Madonna, Warhol and pop-art till the cows come home. Is she faking? Is it all a mask? Who cares? IMHO None of that really matters. All that matters is writing catchy pop tunes that people like to buy and maybe listen to with the volume turned up before they go out on a Friday night. And you can't really fake that.

p.s. I'm a 38 year old dad, surely I'm too old to like Lady Gaga? I'm going to be such an embarrassing dad ;-)

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Gemma said...

I love the gaga!