Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Washed out at the car wash

I haven't blogged much about Abby and Oscar recently so here goes. Abby is now halfway through her first year at infants school and is doing really well. She is going for swimming lessons on Wednesdays (doing great) and ballet on Saturdays and she's turning into a very confident young lady (chatterbox!) of 4. Last week she won a spelling competition at school and won a prize so we were well chuffed.

Oscar we've been a bit worried about. Ever since he started nursery he seemed to catch every bug and cold that was going, in particular one weekend when he seemed to come down with Croup (barking cough sound, and seemed to have difficulty breathing) but in the end it wasn't too bad. I've mentioned in the past that it did cross my mind that he might have CF; when we did IVF we discovered my wife is a DF508 carrier and this led us to suspect the worst, however we contacted Leeds LGI and they said all donors are checked for CF so that would seem to make it highly unlikely. He also came back negative with the heel prick test. In any case in the last few weeks he does seem to have had a run of good health and this seems to have helped him gain some weight and he seems loads better in himself. His talking is coming on leaps and bounds as well, he is getting very good at mimiking and picking up some of the things we are saying to him. He can still destroy a room in 45 seconds as well!

I recently started a training blog It's completely no frills, it's just for me to provide a record of the exercise I've done and hopefully when I step it up and do more, I might see some improvement in my lung function. My misses bought me a mountain bike for my birthday, and I've recently been joining my mates on off-road courses. They all started early last year so their fitness level is a lot better than mine, then again I do wonder if my fitness level is where it is because of my CF related lung function (78%) . Uphill biking is very hard work. On my first ride my heart was beating so fast I thought I would collapse and I could see spots in front of my eyes. I was sweating like a stuffed pig as well (attractive ;-)) But I am starting to feel a tiny little bit fitter now (on my fourth ride) so hopefully there will be some long term fitness benefits. It's good fun going downhill as well ;-)

Some pics of me and the kids washing the car. Abby wanted to do most of the hosing but Oscar was interested too. When Abby wasn't looking he managed to grab the hosepipe and soak Abby from head to toe leading to a change of clothing halfway through the car wash. Very funny but it meant the car wash took ages as Abby insisted on eveything stopping until she got changed. A true diva in the making. :-)

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