Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Son of Tobi: Bramitob

Earlier this year I trialed Toni through the INeb with less than spectacular results (my chest got wheezy, gunky and crappy and I ended up on IVs) Was that down to the Tobi or was that down to a virus, the cold, icy winter and weight loss? I've done Colymycin nebs for many years now with no problems and I've done Dnase since the mid noughties.

Whatever anway, the CF Manchester team did suggest we retrial the Tobi with a different, isotonic brand to see if it that would have a better effect. I'm just starting a months trial of this. so far so good but it tastes like parmeggiano cheeses (or smelly socks); I'm not sure which. Or is it goat's milk?
3 days in and OK so far. I've decided it doesn't taste like Parmeggian cheese, it's more like milk that has been left out of the fridge too long...the physio said they'd made an attempt to improve on the taste of Tobi as well. I'm trialing the Bramitob in a Pari compressor nebuliser and it takes about 5 minutes. The only downside is I need to deliver it near a window to avoid exposing the family to concentrated Tobi mist, and it's freezing! ;-) In trials Tobi is rated to be much more effective than Colymycin in blitzing pseudomonas which is one of the reasons I'm quite keen to get back on with this.

To Be Continued...

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