Monday, January 24, 2011

The lodger

There is a new lodger in our house. She is called Holly and she is very furry. Her previous owners were going to send her to a cat's refuge because their son was allergic to her, so we have stepped in. So far so good; she likes being stroked, she likes being picked up and carried like a bloated-furry baby ;-) , she likes being combed, and she definitely likes begging for tins of tuna when I'm making Abby's sandwiches. Also; she really doesn't want to stay in the house for the first two weeks so keeps trying to escape whenever we open the front / back doors.

Because we don't know whether our kids will be allergic we have laid down some ground rules: no sleeping on beds, and Abby must wash her hands after stroking and picking up Holly. I do like having a cat around, they're good company, even if cleaning out litter trays is a bit of a pain...


Gemma said...

Hey, once you can let her outside she won't use the litter tray trust me, our cat hated using the thing!
I'm sure she will settle in nicely, she looks cute! She is very lucky to have found your family to adopt her xx

Woody said...

Thanks, I hope so!

She's a lucky cat indeed, she was a stray near the house when my friends first moved into their house, and they decided to adopt her all those years ago! She always falls on her feet!