Saturday, June 4, 2011

Centre Parks with the Willow Foundation

Busy busy busy! my blog is so out of date I forgot to post about this holiday, and I'm off to Tunisia this weekend as well...anyway:
Last month we went to Centre Parks in Nottingham thanks to the lovely people at the Willow foundation. I did feel guilty because there is no way I am as ill as a lot of people who are granted their special day; but as my CF social worker said, I am fast approaching my 40th birthday, and after that I am no longer eligable, so it was a case of now or never this year really. I also thought I should give my kids a nice holiday just in case the shit hits the fan (whether through cf or work or whatever), and I'm not able to give them a decent holiday for a while. We had a great time, especially the kids, centre parks is taylor made for familes really, with lots of stuff for the kids to do. Seriously, I don't think they've slept so well before or since. I enjoyed it too, apart from the rowing which looks easy but is actually really hard ;-)


Tori said...

I think we're going to raise money for The Willow Foundation at our next ball :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was thinking about doing the 10k run next year for the Willow Foundation as a thank as well!

(Woody not logged in)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha on the rowing! I got my dad to do that last time (Durham), although me and brother had said we would :-) I lasted 5mins and packed in. These arms weren't designed for rowing!

Glad kids had fun!


PS - I find it amusing you have found my academic blog, how?!?!?! It must be mega boring, nothing CF related ever nor 'me'ness' in general!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jodels, never underestimate my capacity for nosiness ;-)

I like all blogs, even PHD ones, although I'm a bit disappointed there aren't any posts from you about getting pissed in the Toon ;-)

-Woody not logged in