Thursday, July 28, 2011

Camping it up

Currently agonising about whether to go camping in the Lakes (Eskdale Valley) with the kids this weekend; part of the problem is all the extra stuff you have to remember to pack for the kids to keep them happy, it was a lot simpler in the old days! Ah well, I suppose if we don't go now we won't be going this year. I'm hoping to get back to an old campsite in Eskdale valley. I camped there with some of my mates back in the nineties when we were all a bit wilder; thankfully we've all calmed down a bit now ;-).

Me: "Alright Chaps, We’re thinking of going to Fisherground campsite this weekend, leaving early Friday because they don’t take bookings. This site has special memories for me because the first time I was there B threw a can of soup over me and V puked up all over his tent after too much ale. Give us a shout if you fancy coming."

V: "I was so ill that night! The soup was hilarious -I think most of it missed you and went over his car. Didn't he drive off after that with soup dripping down his car door after that?"

Me: "Yes, B dented his car skidding around the campsite and then we rescued a semi-conscious sheep at the roman fort that had fallen into a stream"

G: "Eskdale that was when we all jumped off that bridge into the stream? wouldn't dare do it now but I was hurdling it from the other side of the road pissed up "

V: "Checked that bridge out few years back, no way I would jump it know, we were crazy back then.
Can't believe you remembered that sheep!"

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