Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Doctor + Missed Vein = Pain

Well, I'm back on IVs after the oral antibiotics failed to do the trick. Got into the outpatients at 3 and it was mega busy, I couldn't even find a place to park. Unfortunately there was a new doctor (and trainee) that I saw for my appointment. I hate new doctors, it always takes me a while to get a rapport going with doctors (unless they're Connie Beecham, which has not happened yet, unfortunately ;-). Anyway, I / we decided it was time for IVs. The cannula itself is usually put in by the nurses, unfortunately this time it was put in by the trainee doctor, Nooooo! I could tell he was nervous when trying to find a vein to put the pink cannula in, true enough he missed first time and seemed to spend an interminable time poking around trying to find a vein, despite the fact that I told him exactly where my good vein was. And the area he tried was miles away. Grrr...anyway, second time lucky so not atrocious. If he'd failed a second time I would have asked for a nurse to do it instead.

Blows were down at FEV1 2.5/3.6 although I went for a half hour bike ride on Tuesday and didn't feel too bad, so a bit weird really. At my last clinic they said that the resistance vector of my pseudomonas to Ceftazadine had increased, so I decided its time to try one of the other IVs, this time Meropenum and Tobi. I have done it before (last time back in 2005) so hopefully it will be OK this time as well....I've also done my back in carrying Oscar. And I have another cold on the way. And society is collapsing. Good luck everyone ;-).


Anonymous said...

I love it when new doctors try putting canulars/lines in... made me being sadistic. I get an odd sense of energy from it :-s moi f****d in head?? I think its the adrenalin of knowing I am going to be abelt o vent some steam after the ordeal ;-) last one I told saying 'This is going to hurt a little' was not the best approach to a line insertion!

Get well matey!

Woody said...

Thanks Jodels. You nutter ;-)

Gemma said...

Hope the mero is helping and not being its usual evil self! Cannula? Why not a long line?!

Woody said...

Mero = Woody zombie ;-)

Cannulas have worked pretty well for me, but maybe the veins are starting to pack up after all the Ivs. Maybe time to try a long line next.