Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bathroom Blues

We have no bathroom at the moment. We noticed the wall behind the shower was showing signs of letting the damp in. We got the plumber to investigate and it turns out it was worse than it seemed. The water had seeped behind the tiles and eroded the brickwork. Because of the state of the bath as well we've decided to get the whole bathroom replaced and retiled, including more loose brickwork. I hate old houses...anyway, I suppose it'll be worth it when it's all done, just missing my early morning shower at the moment. I need it to wake up / do physio!

Anway, we're taking the kids down to London Village for a couple of days tomorrow so it'll be nice not to stress about the house for a bit. Abby and Rachel are going to see Wicked! I am a tiny bit jealous, even if it is a girls musical ;-) Otherwise we'll do all the touristy things like the London Bus Ride, Tower Bridge, etc. Should be good fun!

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