Friday, August 3, 2012

Itraconazole on the dole

So this last year I've been...

I have been having real problems shifting the mucus out from my narrow airways and what has been coming out has been hard and dry and causing me problems at night as my long suffering misses will attest. My LF has not responding to IVs either and I have lost 20% of my lung power over the last 4 years.

Anyway, I have been racking my brains trying to think of a way to treat this, and yesterday with my CF Team we came up with a plan that involved trying either Itraconazole, Hypertonic or nebulised Meropenem for a month to see which one improved my LF the most most. Itraconazole seemed a bit of a non starter because my IgE Aspergillus levels were fairly low. (there is no fungus in the mucus either, although there is Staph and Pseudo) When I got the email from my new boss the other week, one of the contributing factors to the decision was the thought of spending more time on my health trying to get to the bottom of just what the hell was going on in my lungs. Anyway, to cut a long story short, my gut instinct was to go with Itraconazole first for a month and, amazingly, within a couple of days; it's like flicking a switch, I feel loads better and the mucus is coming up much easier. Blows at the outpatients were FEV1 2.5 and FVC 3.5 so a marginal increase, but hopefully improving for my next visit in 6 weeks.

In other news I handed my notice in last Friday; it was nerve wracking - they wanted me to stay and think things over (but didn't offer me more money ;-)), but I'm still determined to change jobs - more for the excitement of a new challenge really. Having handed in my notice things became a bit clearer in my head; I realised I need to move to find a new challenge.
As a developer, there is a real buzz to be had from solving problems and creating elegant solutions and in the last year at work there's been precious little of that happening. There *may* also be the option of working part time at my old place (20 hours a week) but we'll see - if it does happen it will only be a stop gap until I find something new. I realise my talk of taking some time off has now changed to finding a new challenge, but we'll see - in the short term it will be taking time off to concentrate on my health, but in the long term, hopefully there will be more intersting jobs out there, perhaps in the health sector, as I do have an interest in medical science and it would be great to help out in some small way.

For my next job I would like to have the working hours of a senior cat

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