Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Talk about being born under a bad sign, I had an interview Monday afternoon and on the morning I started getting the tell tale signs (shooting gut pains) of the beginnings of a DIOS CF related gastric blockage. I only seem to get these about once a year but when I do they are horrible, painful things that I wouldn't wish on anyone (no, not even Thatcher ;-))  So far I've took 8 sachets of Movicol and 4 portions of gastro grafin, but still nothing!

It's my wedding anniversary today as well, CF has no sense of timing...

It's now Wednesday; I had been contemplating admitting myself into hospital to get this sorted but fortunately my bowels finally clicked into action this morning (and how, I've gone through nearly a full roll of toilet paper ;-) ) phew! It's completely ruined my anniversary though, son of a ....!

FEV1 was 2.3 have decided to go on IVs if I don't pick up next month...have got some orals to tide me over...

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