Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aye I My Eye at the MRI

Well, it's been a while! Sorry. And all that. I've basically been really busy with a new job and haven't had much time to sit and reflect until recently. This is wrong, because I should always find time to blog. And vent, and moan. Sorry. And all that. ;-)

What happened back in March was that I was working part time at my request (I was frustrated at the type of work I was getting) for the last 6 months (at my old job) until the week before Kalydeco arrived, then, out of the blue my Manchester-based boss seemed to ask me to go back full time to help out with a new iPad based mobilization; which was great, because it was the sort of work I wanted to get into, but big companies being what they are I wasn't allowed to switch back to full time as all the layers of Norwich based middle management got involved. What they allowed me to do was work part time with overtime thrown in to take me up to full time pay AS LONG AS I HAD A COST CODE. Which was a bit silly, but OK, as long as I had a cost code because surely there was enough work to last for 6 months? There was but the cost code only actually lasted 3 weeks...doh! anyway, after all this silliness I went to a job interview which I wasn't expecting to get, but thanks in no small part to Kalydeco I was able to speak better and really impressed them, did the follow up interview and got the job!

To give some background I have had a few interviews in October/November for other jobs but hadn't done very well because I had struggled to find my voice with the huge amount of mucus in back of my throat in the morning, I couldn't speak with authority and it really affected my confidence in interviews. So big thanks to special K!!!

The new job *is* hard work, but it's in a team and there's a decent buzz about the place, my boss is a decent guy and for the first time in 2 years I'm actually designing and building projects. I'm a developer again! I'm going to put this one down to Kalydeco because without it I don't think I'd have had the energy to come across well in the interview and also cope with the sudden increase in work hours.

I have now had the cataracts operation on my left eye. This is where they cut out your old cataracts riddled lens and place an artificial lens in your eye. Scary, but worth it because I can now see loads better. In fact the day after the (local anesthetic) operation the colours I could see from my left eye were so intense I felt like I was Dorothy waking up in Oz! I will probably need reading glasses for my left eye though now because the lens is long sighted. My right eye also has *some* cataracts but not nearly as bad as the left, so I will probably leave the right for a few years and see how I get on. People with CF and people with Myotonic Dystropy can get cataracts, no one's quite sure why, but I guess with me it was going to be inevitable with both genes combined!

And so, on the Kalydeco front; I am, embarrassingly, at the stage of not remembering just how tough my life was before. It's awesome stuff. My 6 month check up is due in a couple of weeks time so fingers crossed it's as good as if not better than the test before before.

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Me said...

That's great you cant remember! You are becoming a normal pleb haha!
Great news about the job!