Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Annual Bavarian Beer Market

Well, I've been back over a week from holiday and the post-holiday blues are starting to kick in, so I think I'll cheer myself up with some pics of the kids being cute in Egypt! We've also planned a trip to Shanghai next year to visit R's brother so I will need to book some immunisations next month. I was due to get them before Egypt but the GP Nurse got worried when she found out I had CF and basically just deferred and faffed until it was too late. At work it's the Christmas party on Friday, (which will be a bit odd because I've only been there a few months really) followed by meeting some friends at the annual Christmas Bavarian market in Albert Square. They always do great mulled wine and black beer, the trick is to avoid hypothermia whilst sitting outside for several hours in December... ;-)


BizzleBee said...

It must be hard going from such heat to such cold. However i'm not going to give you any sympathy! ;-)
My xmas do is also on friday and sometimes we end up at albert square (although i'm usually there pissed on a thursday, hanging on to the statues....but that's in summer too :-p)
Hope you have a good forced fun xmas do!
ps it's pretty hard to forget about the CFRD study when you have the thing strapped to your belly and itching!

Woody said...

Heh. I hate those strained jollity xmas work dos, I'd rather get drunk and have a good old bitch about the managers. If I see you I'll wave from 4 meters away, we'll be the ones wrapped up like eskimos ;-)