Monday, December 22, 2008

O Tannenbaum

Yo Ho Ho! I think I'm finally feeling the Christmas spirit. Or it could be that I can finally relax now that I've got all the presents. Note to me: next year get all your presents in November. If there is a worse place to be 3 days before Christmas than the Trafford Centre then I don't want to even think about it ;-)

We took Abby to the Stockport plaza yesterday to see Cinderella with Lisa Riley and some unidentified people who may or may not have been from Hollyoakes. It was alright, but it wasn't very faithful to the original story that Abby knows so well, and the guy who plays buttons wasn't as good as Stu Francis who was in a lot of the pantomimes I saw when I was a kid. Anyway, Abby enjoyed it although she did spend most of the performence with her hands over her ears (all the kids were booing and shouting a bit too loudly for her)

Oh yes, and the Christmas tree is now finally up after the holiday delayed it. We (ashamedly) had it delivered after Abby had hand picked it in the garden center. Really, when the revolution comes, I will be first against the wall ;-)


Gemma said...

wow is that a real tree? cool!

Woody said...

Yep, a real tree with real tinsel, the way it should be ;-)

Tori_x said...

We used to get a real tree every year I miss that!!!