Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas, Kleanprep, and the Common Cold

OK, let's get the moan out of the way ;-) Christmas has been a bit of a let down. Not for the kids I should hasten to add as they loved all their presents and meeting their relations etc, more for the irresponsible adults (i.e. who like to get drunk at Christmas occasions and slip off to the pub to set the world to rights) Abby, R and Oscar have all had flu-like, stinking, chesty colds since boxing day, R currently has a really bad cough keeping her (and me!) up all night. As a CF-er this is disconcerting as this should be my job ;-) I have done my utmost to avoid said cold (pumping First Defence up my nose at every opportunity and washing my hands to the point where bits of them are now dropping off) but now it looks like it's finally got me. I will give myself a 5 day dose of Prednisolone and Ceftezadine to hopefully keep any resulting chest infection at bay. It's now New Years day and I'm taking Kleanprep for a burgeoning stomach blockage - I have no idea where it's come from as this is the most sedate Christmas I've had for some time. We even gave the New Years Eve bash a miss the other night because we were both ill, and both fell asleep before midnight; that's childcare for you, rock and roll ;-)

Overall though, it's been good; we have survived looking after our 2 children for 2 weeks without nursery breaks, we cooked a great Christmas meal with a £70 goose, roast vegetables and red cabbage done the Jamie Oliver way, just delicious. The goose was so big that it's wouldn't fit in the oven without being tied up and there was so much excess meat on it that we could make 2 Thai curries out of the leftovers. Oscar has now converted to the bottle at nights and has been waking up just once during the night. It also snowed in the second week of Christmas, which everyone loved, especially Abby.

As for New Years resolutions - just the usual really, be more organised, make more effort to meet up with family and friends, try to write some songs, and, mainly I think it's just to not take life for granted.

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