Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pertain to train myself to like training with new trainers

Went to the Trafford centre yesterday to get myself a new pair of trainers. Got advised by the callow youth in JD King of Trainers that the best running trainers were the super light pair of £100 babies at the front of the shop. Decided that said trainers were:
  • far too expensive
  • for professional runners
  • I'm not professional
so I decided to go for the cheapo bargain basement ones instead. Have worked out that Greggs bakery is 3km round trip from work, so hopefully I can now start power walking to the bakery every lunch using Greggs' doughnuts as bait.

Oscar has been a bit poorly for the last few days, he's had a cough since we got back from Shanghai really, add a few colds into the mix and he's now quite a way down on the baby-weight percentile thingy :-(. He did have a temp for the last couple of days so under doctors advise we took him to the children's assessment unit (part of the children's ward) at Stepping Hill. The children's ward has been transformed since I was last in (back in the olden days ;-)), into a circular three storey tree house structure with lots of play areas for kids. Unfortunately like in the olden days we still had to wait around for about 3 hours waiting to be seen by a doctor, by which time Oscar and ourselves were thoroughly peed off and decided the best course of action was to take him home and bring him back if he has problems taking fluids, which thankfully he didn't. I have been thinking all sorts about whether he has CF (R is a carrier, the donor was screened, but maybe he had one of the rarer CF types they don't test for?), whether he has picked up pneumonia (from grandad), but after the examination the doctor said he had no signs of chest infection, so fingers crossed he picks up in the next few days.


Gemma said...

Hey hope Oscar feels better soon. I'm sure he doesn't have cf, can't help thinking the worse though when he's ill, it's in your instinct!

BizzleBee said...

Sports shops scare me. Fact. I think doughnut rewards are the best way to go about running :-)
I hope Oscar feels better soon. I guess it must be so hard to not think of all the possibilities, but plenty of healthy babies get coughs. :-)