Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Living for the weekend...

Bleuurgh. I've just come back (from a weeks holiday in the Isle of Wight) into a working nightmare! S (who worked opposite me) has left leaving all the horrid old legacy systems to maintain meaning I'm far too busy to post. But it's OK because on Friday I'm going to see Polly Harvey at the Ritz this friday with my sister. Yey! (Have I said that before?)

Live Show of similar gig at El Ray, Los Angeles. I've found this gig on Youtube and it's filmed so well and captured the sound so well that I'm going to post it here. I think these US dates were a warm up for the UK tour as the setlist looks very similar. I'm guessing this was the opener:

Part 1, songs from A Woman, A Man walked by:

Part 2, more songs from the new album, including "Leaving California" and the beautiful "Cracks in The Canvas":

Part 3: songs from the 1996 album, Dance Hall At Louse Point, including the mesmerising "Civil War Correspondent" :

"Rope Bridge Crossing" also from Dance Hall...

Encore (False Fire...but where is April???):

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