Monday, December 21, 2009

Snow and the last outpatients

Went to the hossy last week. It was mainly for a checkup with the phsio about how I had gone on with the Tobi trial last month. To my grumpy annoyance the blows were the same (FEV1 2.85 / 3.8) but she said that was a good thing; the important thing in the first month of the Toni test is to make sure that the volume does not fall, as that would indicate some kind of allergic reaction (to the Tobi) was going on. She did notice I had a wheeze at the end of the spirometry blow, so we discussed me going back on Uniphyllin to help combat it. So anyway the plan is next month to ditch the crappy old Pari Neb and start on the Tobi trial through the iNeb next month. (on a one month on, one month off basis) By then the outpatients will have moved from the Heart area to the new outpatients above the new super Pearce ward. (where it is alleged you can watch Sky Sports and get foot massages...I should be so lucky ;-))
I've also got the notes back from the doctors telling me what my Genotype is: G551D/N1303K.

Other news, Oscar has been really poorly for the last week with a D&V tummy bug, which promptly spread to R, her in-laws, and finally, me, despite washing my hands continuously and rubbing with alchogel afterwards (I now have the hands of a 100 year old man!). Being ill I've not really eaten for 4 days and I feel like that skinny guy out of Twilight (only not as tall)

Anyway, on Sunday it properly snowed in Stockport for the first time in years, so we took Abbby sledging down the golf club, and she loved it. Later on though we nearly got snowed in at the in-laws house when the roads froze and all the cars going through the village couldn't get up the hill to get out. For a while it was like vehicle civilisation had ended and we were back to doing everything on foot! Me and R were serious about settling the kids down at the in-laws and doing a 6 mile snow hike back home in the dark to get supplies and then walk back in the morning, but by the time we went back down to the village, the temperature had risen slightly and the snow was beginning to melt. I was slightly disappointed, but only slightly, because my legs were already beginning to stiffen up after walking for 20 minutes in the snow, so god knows what they would have been like after 2 hours plus. Would have been romantic though, it's great to be outside at night in the snow, everything is so quiet because the snow absorbes all the sounds, and covers all the hard edges, I just love it.

Anyway, everyone seems to be on the mend, so bring on Christmas!

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