Friday, December 4, 2009

Oscar's imaginary CF!

I really don't think our (18 month old) Oscar has got CF, btw, but some of the similarities are a bit disconcerting:
  • Chest infections. Oscar was on ventolin and (banana flavoured) Amoxicillin after a virus he picked up last week moved onto his chest and gave him a chest infection. By yesterday his breathing was really-really wheezy, laboured and clicky, you could tell there was loads of gunk down there, and he just wasn't himself, he would play for a minute or two, but then he would roll around on the floor screaming until he was picked up. (carrying a 21 pound toddler around all day is a bit of a strain on the back!) I phoned the emergency doctors and the nurse on the phone who filters the calls before giving you an emergency appointment was a real bitch; I tried to explain to her what the situation was but she kept interrupting and cross examining me like I was in court or something, I felt like saying "look I have CF and I know what a chest infection sounds like, if my chest was as bad as Oscars I would be checking myself into hospital for some IVs!" Anyway, we eventually got referred to a doctor who agreed he had the startings of a chest infection, we then had to dash across town to get to a 24 hour pharmacy in Fallowfield. We then gave him the ventolin and amoxicillin (with a baby spacer to breath the ventolin in with) and in the morning he seemed to be a lot better.
  • Constipation / blockages. Oscar was on lactulose for being blocked up, but then he seemed to get things under control. Then after another week or two he went and got really blocked again so he was put on Movicol, twice a day, decreasing to once a day when his bowels settled down.

Here's some pictures of me and Oscar clowning around in the supermarket on the day he had his chest infection. He was fine in the morning while we were shopping then he went downhill really fast in the afternoon. Then he was much better in the morning. Kids eh?


Gemma said...

oh wow he looks alot older since the last photo you put on, where has all that hair sprung from?! I hope Oscar feels better soon xx

Tori said...

He's a cutie!!

Here's hoping the drugs work :)

Woody said...

Thanks guys! I took him to have his hair cut this weekend so he looks completely different now :)