Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Tune (Best of the last decade part 3)

Sod it, it's Friday, it's just a nice tune :-)

Well I'm into my second week of IVs, lungs seem **mostly** clear, so I decided to celebrate it with a half hour run. I felt good on the run and even had some energy left at the end to do a sprint finish, which is unusual for me.

But, (big but) about halfway through the run I developed a rattling wheeze. I sounded like Darth Vader. It was a wheeze that I could feel more on the inhale breath than the exhale. I've had it for the last few days more so in the afternoon / evening. And no amount of huffing/coughing would shift it. I''m wondering if this is asthma related, (possibly ABPA, I've had it in the past) does asthma effect you more on the inhale or the exhale? Anyway, I rang the hospital and they're gonna do an X-Ray next week when I go back and also do Aspegillus blood test so we'll see what happens...

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