Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I haven't swore on this blog much, coz it's a limited form of communication, isn't it? Yesterday I felt like it but it would have just turned out like "the fucking fuckers fucked, it can get fucked for fucks sake" or something. And all I really have is questions with no answers. And I feel like I've been hit by a stealth CF infection with added wheeze factor. Last summer I was 10 stone 10, now I've dropped down to 9 stone 12 which has completely mystified me; I have no idea how this happened. Can a stealth pseudomonas infection really rob me of so many calories? The doctor reckons it could be but I remain baffled...On the plus side my stomach is really flat...;-)

The other day at hossy my blows were down (FEV1 2.4, FVC 3.8) my weight was down 9 Stone 12 and I was pissed off. Since the start of this year I've been doing everthing right, started Tobi nebs, done loads of exercise (3 hour bike rides through the hills, training for the Manchester 10K) and yet despite all these efforts the LF and Weight is at it's lowest since 2005. I wonder what the hell CF wants from me, I've played by the rules and I get my arse kicked ;-)

Anyway, I'm back on IVs (Cefttazadine and Tobramycin) and Scandishakes. The IVs give me the runs so I'm having Immodium to slow my guts down, which impacts on my appetite, combine this with 500 calorie scandishakes poured over my cereal and my guts are churning and gurgling like Johnny Vegas's private sess pit after he's had a night on the curry and beer. Meh!

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Tori said...

It was this winter it hit us all hard!! Things will turn around soon :)