Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Billy Stoned

I must admit that my initial excitement at finding this (free ;-)) collection of "mashed up" songs has waned somewhat. It's still an interesting listen, I just don't think you can really listen to it as an album. However, there are still a couple of standout tracks on it. The one I like best is Billy Stoned. I think I like it because:
  • Being from Manchester "The Stone Roses" are a big part of 90s folklore. They were good, it's a such shame they imploded so soon.
  • It reminds me of being forced to listen to my Mum's extensive Billy Joel album collection on camping holidays in the car ;-)

The best thing about mash ups is they take two tracks from completely different musical worlds and make something completely new and unexpected out of them. I want to have a go! If I can just figure out where he gets the acapella stuff from. Stop the press! Oscar has only woken up once during the night for a feed (for the last two nights.) Hurrah!

Spliced Krispies, GHP's Full Album

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