Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great Inventions of the 21st Centrury

The INeb. It's just an improvement on what we already had, but compared to the small motorboat sound of the compressor neb, for holidays, and for doing nebs whilst looking after a hyperactive 3-year old who is into role-playing Walt Disney films it's a must. I do think it needs "sexing" up though. For starters there's the colour, I mean hospital blue, come on! Lets have it in chrome, or black to go with my shoes or (for the ladies) handbags. The shape could also be smaller and curvier as well. If it was the size of a mobile phone then it would be fantastic.

Here is my drug list for the weeks holiday:

Creon 60/day = 5 tubs
Omeperole 2/day
Flucloxacillin 4 /day
Rifamplicin 2/ day
Sereride 2 / day
Uniphyllin 2 /day
Colymycin 2 /day
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
ium Tablets
Salt Tablets
Emergency Stomach Blockages:

I haven't had a stomach blockage on holiday yet (touch wood.) but I always take the Kleanprep just in case. Over the years, for me, holidays and a handful of beaten up bags of Kleanprep have become inextricably linked.

Last night I had this intense anxiety dream where I had received a lung transplant but had forgotten my daily dose of anti-rejection pills, and so my new lungs where burning up because they were being rejected. In the dream I was like "Oh my god! I've received this wonderful gift and I've f*cked it up!" What can it mean? I suppose this makes a change from the dreams where I am late for an exam for a subject that I haven't done any study for...

Oscar is now 13 pounds and 2 ounces. We have decided to start "cutting" his breast milk with formula at night just to see if this helps him to sleep longer. The theory being that formula milk takes longer for babies to digest so leaves them feeling fuller for longer. It didn't work last night though. Dammit ;-).


Gemma said...

I love my i-neb too :o)
Maybe you dreamt about forgetting to take your tablets because you were worried about forgetting to take some on holiday? the reason I say this is that they are both in your mind at the time to write this blog so they may be related?

Tori_x said...

I dreamt that I was being chase by a gun weilding but I don't think that's going to happen!!

Ooo medicine lists lets compare -

Creon 60/day = 5 tubs - I'm about 30 a day
Omeperole 2/day - Just the once a day

Flucloxacillin 4 /day - Nope
Azithromycin - Yes
Rifamplicin 2/ day - Nope
Sereride 2 / day - Nope
Uniphyllin 2 /day - Nope
Colymycin 2 /day - Yes
Dnase - Yes

Multivitamins - Yes
Vitamin E - Yes
Vitamin K - Nope
Calcium Tablets - Nope

Dioralyte - Nope
Salt Tablets - Nope

Emergency Stomach Blockages:
Kleanprep - Nope
Movicol - Nope

I'm also on a bone tablet and liver tablets which I forget the name of both :)

Tori_x said...

Gun weilding gang!!! Damn I need to proof read before I submit!

Woody said...

Gemma - yes it probably was, plus I was reading about immuno suppresants on the CF Forum; it may mean I need to spend less time reading the CF Forum and more time working ;-)