Monday, March 9, 2009

Nights out and Pneumonia

On Friday me and a few friends hit the bright lights of Hazel Grove for a joint birthday celebration. In the last few years it's become one of the better places to go out in Stockport and there's loads of new bars that have sprung up everywhere. The shots were flowing and by the end of the night I had "treated" everyone to a karaoke version of "The Wichita Lineman" at the pub we ended up in, I have no idea if I was in tune. Yikes, that's what happens when you only drink once in three months. Whilst I was in a bar a girl grabbed my arm and yanked me towards her. "Are you single ?" she bluntly asked. "No, I'm married!" I said. She then pushed me away impatiently. Obviously in these recession hit times speed dating is getting quicker and quicker ;-)

Yikes! My father in law (who accompanied us to Shanghai) has come down with pneumonia. Apparently they think it's from a chest infection he caught either in Shanghai or on the flight on the way back home (he was as fit as a fiddle on the holiday, it's developed in the week that we've been back) He's in hospital at the moment in the GPAU being treated with antibiotics. I hope he has a speedy recovery; it's really unlike him to get unwell. I'm a bit paranoid because I feel like I'm coming down with something like a cold, but we'll see.


V_x said...

That was a bit blunt of the girl but at least she's not messing around :)

Joe said...

haha that story with the girl reminds me of SOO many while i've been out.

your trip to shanghai sounded so good, might have to do that in october... hope its as good as hong kong.. which i really really recommend