Saturday, March 7, 2009

Shanghai Part 3; Jin Mao

Thursday: Decided to walk to the Yu Garden & Bazaar (Tea) area with everyone together this time, it seemed the safer option ;-) After a bit of haggling with the shop owners (tip: They always start at a price at least double of what it's actually worth, so play them at there own game and start by offering them 1/4 of what it's worth or less and meet them in the middle. That was the plan anyway, but me and R kept fluffing our lines and confusing ourselves instead of the sellers ;-)

Friday: Last day, so we took Abby to the massive Aquarium in Pudong, which was great, although Abby spent almost as long in the gift shop choosing a toy than in the aquarium(s) checking out the fish! After that it was another swim in the hotel pool with the family at Abby's request ;-) It was then time for a farewell Japanese meal (with more sushi and sashimi and extra wasabi, bliss ;-)). After that R's brother and the in-laws kindly babysat so me and R could go to the highest bar in the world at the top of the Jin Mao tower for some romantic cocktails; they were very expensive but very worth it just for the fantastic view over the city at night. We both had champagne cocktails so we could pretend to be rich and famous for half an hour ;-)

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V_x said...

I hate haggling I'm useless at it!