Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Albums of 2008: Elbow

I'm still well jetlagged after the return from Shanghai (photos to follow...) So I need a song to wake me up. Starting with this one; the high water mark of Elbow's last LP. My claim to fame is that I am friends with the bass player's sister; I saw these guys when they made their debut at the Roadhouse (back in 1997/98??? Oooh, I feel old ;-)) They didn't have the best of starts (signed, dropped, signed again, of course, some of us never got signed at all ;-)) but it's great to see them finally come good and get some recognition, and this album (The Seldom Seen Kid) convincingly sees them cast off any notions of being Radiohead copycats and truly finding their own sound. Only trouble is you can't get away from the album now, it's everywhere ;-)

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