Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Shanghai Surprise

OK, so it's not a surprise, but next weeks trip to Shanghai has sure come up on me quick. I've only got 2 full days left to sort out all the packing, and remember important things like tablets and passports, EEk! The most worrying thing is the long (12 hour) flight, how the hell are we going to survive it with a 7 month old boy and a hyperactive 3 year old?

In the last week I have, amongst other things:

  • Bought a new (diesel) car with little tiny DVD screens in the back to keep little troublemakers ;-) amused on long journeys.
  • Cleaned up copious amounts of sick from the interior of the new car when the self same little troublemaker was sick after a party at her cousins.
  • She was also sick all over Oscar as he was in the baby seat next to her...
  • Gone out for a lovely Valentines Day meal (Malaysian!) with my lovely wife and drank copious amounts of wine and late night whisky.
  • Woke up later on in the night as R became really ill and needed another one of my Omeperezole tablets to calm her raging gastritis (fizzy lager, wine, whisky do not mix!)
  • Become extremely annoyed at the top 100 sex symbols when Pamela Anderson came higher in the chart than Brigitte Bardot, and Angeline Jolie came first ahead of Marilyn Monroe...
  • Completely lost my enthusiasm for work, does anyone know where I can find it?
  • Fell in love with Goldfrapp's last album all over again.


Gemma said...

Another holiday! Blimey, whatever the job is must be well paid! ;o)

V_x said...

I'm jealous!! I want to go to Shanghai (sp?)

Woody said...

sp now fixed! I am so not well paid, we just never go out anymore so we save loads!