Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Second cold in two weeks, grrrr!

Nurseries are lovely places full of joy and laughter. I sometimes think that working in a nursery would be my ideal fun job, then I remember the high energy levels of groups of kids under the age of 5 and realise I wouldn't be able to take the pace. They are also hubs for the common cold amongst other infectious bugs; Abby and Oscar have both come down with yet another cold - Abby had a temperature on Friday and they both came down with colds over the weekend, and it looks like me and R have now caught them as well. Pass the First Defence...

In the last couple of weeks, both Abby and Oscar have had their birthdays. Oscar is now 1 and Abby is now 4. (photos to follow.) In September Abby will be leaving her nursery and starting infant school. This is both brilliant and a little sad for me because I feel like she is growing up faster than I can keep up; she'll also be leaving the aunties and some of the friends that she's been with for the last 3 years.

Oscar is now very close to walking, and has taken his first few (unsupported) steps. His favourite pastime is emptying the kitchen cupboards of all their contents, including the cereal cupboard, noooo !

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