Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Current Eating/Treatment Regime

PWCF need to eat a lot to stay at their current weight. I think I'm lucky in that I don't have to eat as much as some, but still, in the last 6 months, I've somehow lost about half a stone without my appetite dropping or without eating any less so I have had to add a scandishake to the mix. I had a meeting with the dietician the other week at my annual and she suggested adding another scandishake at the end of tbe day.

Food / Med Diary (Week)

  • 6.30AM Get up
  • 6.45 Azithromycin and Flucloxacillin
  • 6.50 do Dnase on INeb
  • 7.00 Breakfast Scandishake with full-fat milk and cereal
  • 7.00 Vitamins, uniphyllin, calcium chew
  • 7.45 Drive to work, drop off kid(s), do some physio in car, spit into empty creon pot in car. (Timing is everything in this ;-))
  • 8.30 Arrive at work.
  • 8.30 Do Colymycin Neb in car at work
  • 10.30 Apple, banana
  • 11.00 2 Pork Pies
  • 1.00PM Lunch (Sandwich, Mayonaise, Meat Filling, Crisps, Tango or Tea)
  • 3.00 Chocolate bar (note: Boost is 300 calories!)
  • 5PM Leave work, pick up kids.
  • 6PM Dinner with kids (have to play it safe so kids have something to eat so we normally have chicken, brocolli, peas and mash, or bangers brocolli and mash, or Lloyd Grossman's Tomatoe Chicken Balti and Rice, or Spagetti Bolognaise or Pasta and Roast vegetables which the kids will actually eat.
  • 8PM Kids in bed. And relax. Either go for a run/bike ride or get the wine out, depending on how healthy/lazy I'm feeling.
  • 9-10PM Colymycin Neb

What an exciting life I lead. Need to try and squeeze in another Scandishake at the end of the day but at the moment it's a struggle, my tum needs a rest ;-)

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