Friday, July 9, 2010

Tumbles day

A tumbles day is a day to forget, and I've just had one. Yesterday I decided to work from home to make it easier to drop off Abby today and sods law; one of the big bosses decided to pay a visit to the office to see me, so I missed him. He also dropped off a request list that I should have had in May for a dealine at the end of the THIS month. Grump, grump, grump! ;-) And to top it off Abby threw a mega strop at the cricket club on the way back from the school summer fair because we wouldn't buy her any more sweets. Does anyone have a manual on how to be a firm parent? Because I seem to be made of mush when it comes to discipline.....anyway, I've got the wine out and I'm sulking. With three hours of Glastonbury I taped from last week.


Tori said...

I would have given in and bought her a penny sweet lol!!

Woody said...

I always give in because I am a soft touch and she wraps me round her little finger ;-)