Tuesday, March 22, 2011

End of ABs and the real work begins

Sorry for this geek post ;-) Last week it was the end of oral antibiotics and my lungs felt better without feeling *deep down clean* the way they do with IVs, however if you compare these two races - then my all round fitness does seem to have improved since the start of the minging infection (March 8th was in the middle of the infection and I was coughing all through the ride, March 22nd is on a sunny day today 1 week after the ABs) so hopefully I'm on the road to recovery...

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Bramhall Loop

Road Cycling

Tue, Mar 22, 2011 12:09 PM

Bramhall Loop

Road Cycling

Tue, Mar 8, 2011 12:38 PM


Distance 7.52 km 7.21 km
Time 00:29:28 00:33:02
Avg Pace 03:55 min/km 04:34 min/km
Calories 225 C 310 C
Avg HR (bpm) 123 bpm 131 bpm
Max HR (bpm) 148 bpm 151 bpm
Avg HR (% of Max) 66 % of Max 71 % of Max


Last week I visited the hospital outpatients and was seen by Proff Web, it was nice to have a catch up with the grand old duke of CF ;-) because I rarely see him in clinic these days (he's semi-retired I think, but certainly knows his stuff). In the end we didn't talk about the usual CF things like I would at a normal oupatients clinic, we just talked about the good old days when I first moved to the Adult CF Hospital and the progress of the VX-770 trial. I was a bit depressed about the potential cost of the drug, and whether NICE would be able to fund it, but I talked it out on the forum and now I feel a bit better about it. FEV was 2.65 and 3.2 which is a bit down; I'm hoping it's going to pick up as I pick up the exercise...

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