Monday, March 28, 2011

Grizedale Lakes Bike Ride in Pictures

So the score for the weekend is Woody 1, CF 0. Although CF will come back you can be sure of that. Unfortunately, there's only one good picture from the Grizedale trail we did on the weekend. The other one is of V's helmet after he took a tumble; at least we know why it's important to wear helmets. Also, looking at this main picture I have decided I really should not stand next to MB in any more pictures, he's about 6'2" and he makes me look tiny. ;-)

I cannot tell you how hard this was at times, especially towards the end of the 8 hour ride when I felt semi-conscious going down some of the hills with my shoulders aching. But it was worth it; my lungs felt really clean at the end of the ride (was coughing a lot at the start and brought up some nasty looking plugs halfway round) and at the end of the day it's good fun (most of the time!). Whenever I was struggling to peddle up a hill I tried to focus on some of the CF peeps out there that have gone through/are going through incredible fights on a daily basis with CF (Tori, Poozie, Angel, Kirstie and all) and I try and gain strength from knowing whatever I go through is nothing in comparison.

Not so sure about the pubbing/clubbing in the evening, Bowness is a bit towny, and I really couldn't be bothered...I think drinking is overrated. There was a girl/girl fight on the dance floor in one of the clubs (bouncers thankfully intervened before it got too nasty) that really freaked me out. I hate what alcohol does to some people...

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Gemma said...

Well done! I know hot bloody hilly that place is! xx